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Best Dishes Eater Editors Ate Last Week

The wine, winter salad, and hearty pappardelle, made with heart — and tangled in a 10-hour bolognese of veal, pork, dry-aged beef, and prosciutto, showered in a heap of parmesan — was well worth the trip ... We watched an empty cable car rumble by. Our server promised to send us his awkward senior-year photo. And as we strolled back to our car, past the Bay Bridge twinkling through a narrow sliver of a steep street, I felt a San Francisco surge, of a different kind. — Rachel Levin, freelance writer and former Eater SF restaurant critic


The Best Restaurants In SF Right Now

"The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming (romantic even, if that’s what you’re looking for), the servers are knowledgeable and professional, and even the most weary San Franciscan has to admit that it’s fun to eat a meal and watch the cable cars...


Photo: Kelsey Gerber

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